Swim with tigers while the zoo swims in cash

swim with tigers

“don’t leave me with this man”

Apparently you have an opportunity to swim with a tiger at a private zoo in Florida.  It this something that people should take advantage of or do I see some animal exploitation going on?


Another world

Is there a reason not to love the underwater world? It’s a great place to drop your worries and live life in the momemnt. Living in the now.

Swimming Safety Device. Better to be safe than sorry.

Has anyone ever considered using a safety device when going for a long swim? I just ran into something pretty interested that I might be using from now on. Its called swim safety device and its an inflatable thats attached on a band to your waist and is carried in the current behind you.How cool is that? How cool is that? You can also use it as storage compartment. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable enough to put my only car keys inside it but something that is less significant is ok.

Check out the video:

Who will host the 2011 NCAA Men’s Swimming & Diving Championships?

I just got the news about the 2011 NCAA Men’s Swimming & Diving Championships. It’s going to be hosted at The University of Minnesota in the Aquaitic Center. This event is one of the top honchos for swimming and diving. It’s still unclear if they’re going to present this live or not but I’ll let you guys know asap. The event starts on March 24-26. You can also attend the event by calling the Golden Gopher Ticket office for tickets.